Author: Rangdrol

Special Visit of Lama Rangbar Nyimai Özer

We great joy we offer a cycle of teaching from Lama Rangbar. Last year he already visited other centres of the Rigdzin Community, and now we can welcome him here in Holland.

From Friday the 30th of June till Wednesday the 5th of July he will teach on various topics of the Vajrayana practice. And not only that, he will lead us into the practice of Naga Puja and Tsok. And to those with urgent questions about their own personal practice, he will give time to advise and clarify whatever doubts they might have.

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Jamgön Rinpoche – Amitabha Empowerment and Teaching – 9/10/11 Juni 2017

Friday 9th june is the celebration of Saga Dawa Düchen, one of the most important days in Buddhism. It is said that to liberate beings from captivity during this day is the one of the best practices we can do to accumulate merit.

This is why instead of the teaching on friday evening in Dzogchen Ling, Jamgön Rinpoche will lead the liberation of fish in the Amstel starting at 19.30. For the exact place, click here.

Lama Lena – A Lamp To Dispel Darkness

Lama Lena will give a teaching in Dzogchen based on the text “A Lamp To Dispel Darkness” by Ju Mipham.

A lamp to dispel the darkness is a dzogchen text by the great dzogchen master Ju Mipham, who lived in the 19th en 20th century. The text offers profound instructions on the practice of Trekchö; instructions that point to the essence of our mind. These clear and uncomplicated instructions make it possible for people like you and me, living and working in the busy world of today, to practice Trekchö and to realize the nature of our mind.

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