Wealth Vase

Date(s) - 25/05/2021


As previously announced, Lama Rangbar will be offering the transmission and teaching of the Orgyen Khandro Norlha practice in two parts online (23 May & 20 June). 

In the second session, he will cover the making of the wealth vases and together do an actual practice session.  If time allows, Lama will offer the reading transmission of Black Dzambala as well.

Lama Rangbar would like to emphasise that this may be your only chance to receive this transmission at this level of detail. It is an elaborate event that is not likely to be given again anytime soon.

Since the making of wealth vases requires so many components not easily found or obtained, Lama Rangbar has been assembling all the substances and Mandalas in order to form kits that are being made available only to participants of this teaching series. These kits will enable the course participants to make the vases at their own homes during session 2 of the teachings.

Participants wishing to have these kits must register now and add an additional offering for the substances. Some of the items are free while others are being purchased or collected.  Since we must gather all these substances ahead of time, they will not be available past the deadline which is Tuesday, May 25th (EU deadline) 

In addition to the €90 registration fee for the two sessions, the offering needed to obtain one of the kits is €145 + €42 shipping cost to Europe. Lama Rangbar requested Dzogchen Ling to coordinate the shipment of the kits within Europe as it is a lot of work for him to fill in all the shipping documents and forms for each package. This means that collectively we save on the shipment from the USA but that Dzogchen Ling will have to charge the additional shipping costs to you or your centre. For now, to order the wealth vase, please go to our website and order there. We will add an estimate of €10 per order for shipping. Afterwards we will calculate what the difference is. Total cost is (for now) at €155.

Participants will have to find a suitable elegant vase to house the substances as a form of their own input. Please note that obtaining one of these kits is NOT a requirement for attending the course. This is just an opportunity offered to us by Lama Rangbar. 

Texts and other materials will be made available only for those who register and the sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend the entirety of both sessions 1 and 2.


Bookings are closed for this event.