Lama Lena – A Lamp To Dispel Darkness

Lama Lena will give a teaching in Dzogchen based on the text “A Lamp To Dispel Darkness” by Ju Mipham.

A lamp to dispel the darkness is a dzogchen text by the great dzogchen master Ju Mipham, who lived in the 19th en 20th century. The text offers profound instructions on the practice of Trekchö; instructions that point to the essence of our mind. These clear and uncomplicated instructions make it possible for people like you and me, living and working in the busy world of today, to practice Trekchö and to realize the nature of our mind.

Lama Lena’s visit is a unique chance to receive instructions from a Western woman who is also a lama and a holder of the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. The style in which she teaches is clear and direct, enjoyable, down to earth, and especially skilfull for making the precious teachings of Tibet available for those with a Western education.

Date and time:

Wednesday 10 May (full moon) from 20:00 till 22:00 (door opens 19:30)

Thursday 11 May from 11:00 till 13:00 and then from 15:00 till 17:00 (door opens 10:30 in the morning)

Middenweg 22, 1097BN Amsterdam

Costs: There is no pricetag attached to the teachings, but we kindly ask you to give a donation in sofar that is possible for you. An enveloppe will be handed to you when you arrive. A suggestion is to give for each hour of teaching what you earn yourself an hour. We also accept voluntary donations to cover the expenses of renting the place and other organisational costs for the visit of Lama Lena. Therefore, bring sufficient cash money with you.


Food: there won’t be served food, but many little restaurants are closeby. There will be free coffee and tea.

Parking: there are no parkingplaces private to the centre. There are public parkingplaces, though scarce, not always close by, and the tarifs in Amsterdam are high. Therefore we advise making use of public transport (

Reservations: It will be appreciated when you notify us beforehand when you plan to come. The contact person to do this is Pepijn Hinten, telephone number 06-30863974 or


Hope to see you in Dzogchen Ling with Lama Lena.