Vajra Kilaya Drubchö in maart 2014 in Sikkim, India

Van 9 tot 16 maart 2014 zal er een  Vajra Kilaya Drubchö uitgevoerd worden in Zangdo Palri in Sikkim, door Namkha Rinpoche.  Patrul Rinpoche en Lama Champa Rinpoche staan ook op het schema om te participeren tijdens deze Drubchö.

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From March 9 until the 16th, 2014, there will be a Drubcho of VajraKilaya in Zangdo Palri, Sikkim, India, where they will make Mendrub of the Dudjom Tersar. It will be sponsored by the Rigdzin Community and Namkha Rinpoche will personally attend there. Patrul Rinpoche and Lama Champa Rinpoche are also scheduled to participate.
After that, Rinpoche will go and visit Domang Yangthang Rinpoche for a week in his monastery in Sikkim.