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Sat, 7 November – Tibetan Massage (Ku Nye) 1-Day Workshop

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Ku Nye originated from the ancient kingdoms of Tibet over 3900 years ago and is a practice indigenous to the Tibetan Medical tradition. Earliest Tibetans practiced Ku Nye through the diagnosis and application of specific infused oil or substances extracted from butter to treat the person’s imbalance or constitution.

Literally, Ku means ‘to apply’ or to anoint the body with therapeutic oils to be absorbed through the skin and Nye refers to the actual massage. Techniques of Nye include the kneading, rubbing and pressing of muscles and tendons and the application of pressure to various points and channels.

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Zondag – 4 Oktober: Master Tao Qingyu

Tao Qingyu

Master Tao Qingyu will run an introduction level workshop on the effective healing method of Zhineng Qigong during his visit to Amsterdam as part of his European tour. This is an opportunity to experience methods which can empower the body’s own wisdom and use them to strengthen people’s health and even be cured of chronic or other illnesses.

The workshop will provide a wonderful opportunity to be in touch with Zhineng Qigong, and will enable people to begin to integrate its healing methods into their daily lives. Participants will be able continue to practice and develop Qigong in the Netherlands under the guidence of teachers trained by Master Tao Qingyu.

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